The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central National Accounts solution

Do you have large national chains or buying groups as your customers?

Do you struggle with managing hundreds of customers that are all within a chain or a buying group? Do you spend hours on applying payments from one customer to another, because your buying group paid an invoice for one of their members?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes cash receipt easy – you can use the cash receipt journal or the deposit page (in the United States and Canada) to apply payments from your customers to their open invoices and close them out. However, Business Central does not allow you to apply one customer’s payment to another customer’s open invoice.

If you have large national chains or buying groups, this is exactly what they do: One customer (which could be their regional headquarter) pays the invoice for a variety of stores or customers, but the invoices are sent directly to the individual customer.  It takes a lot of time to manually account for the proper payment application.

This is where NAV-X National Accounts Management comes to the rescue: You will be able to easily apply payments, invoices, credit memos, or balances on account between different customers for the same buying group.

Introducing NAV-X National Accounts: the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central National Accounts Management solution for the modern business.


In just a few minutes, you can setup your app and start taking advantage of the advanced application capabilities.


Business Central provides bill-to and sell-to customers. With National Accounts, you can add an additional level to allow the grouping of bill-to customers into a national account or buying group.


You can setup different National Accounts. If you ever make a mistake, you can easily move customer between different National Accounts and transfer their open balances with them.

Easy Processing

You already know how to apply payments from customers? Then you also know how to apply cash between different customers within a National Account. The functionality is completely integrated into the standard functionality.

Fully Integrated

As soon as you create your National Accounts customer and add child customers, all open transactions are available for application.


We provide versions of standard reports so that you can see a full picture of your National Accounts and not only the individual customers.

Easy Application

When applying payments from a National Account or one of the Bill-to Customers, you will have all open customer ledger entries from all customers within the National Account available.

You can easily select all invoices that are paid at once, regardless which customer they are from. If there are credit memos that were applied within the payment process, you can also select those and apply those to all customers within the National Account.

Multiple Hierarchy levels

Standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central only allows a Sell-to and a Bill-to Customer. The Bill-to Customer always receives the invoices and is also the one paying the invoices.

Using NAV-X National Accounts, you can setup an additional hierarchy level that allows the payment of invoices for any Bill-to and Sell-to Customer within the same national account, regardless of the customer actually receiving the invoice.


The reports available in Business Central provide information on an individual customer. With National Accounts, it is important to see also the picture for all customers within the National Account, not only one specific Bill-to Customer.

NAV-X National Accounts is providing enhancements, such as the “Standard Statement” to enable it to show an overview for all accounts within the National Account.

Open Entries Application

When you receive payments from a customer, you can apply this payment to an open invoice for this customer.

When you are dealing with National Accounts, the national account customer might be paying an invoice for a different customer or even for multiple different customers. NAV-X National Accounts allows the application of entries between different customers from the same screen within Business Central, but with the ability to apply between all of the different customers.

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